Annex Restaurant of Princeton, NJ

Sometimes, there is a business that no longer exists, but has made an impact on many people throughout the years. One such place is the Annex Restaurant of Princeton, NJ as mentioned inĀ Chapter 1 Part 2 paragraph 7 of IZ~. The building is still there, you must descend to enter the new restaurant, as we used to do to enter the Annex, and one of the current owners is a relative of the Annex family. We found, in the place that once was the Annex, a restaurant and pub that still retains that local, comfortable feeling. We, ddwlem, do not know how many locals still visit or how many of the profs find themselves relaxing during a meal, but what a memory we have of such times. That is why Thorf and his fellow archaeology majors found Thor Heyerdahl at the Annex. Check out that part of the story and see if you get 'the same feeling.' If not let us know!