Acknowledgments for Book 2 CREATION

As we research and write book 2, wonderful people come along and offer their expertise. They ask for nothing in return. For their valuable contributions we are forever grateful.

Cindy Powell-Rodgers

Informed us of Jo Anne Van Tilburg's research of the majestic stone statues of the Rapa Nui of Easter Island. She knew that those statues play an important role in IZ~ Book 5 TRADITIONS SHATTERED.


On her way to an olymfab writing career, Dakota donated her expertise as a beta reader for a beginning portion of CREATION. Check out her short story FIVE SHOTS on a blog she shares with other aspiring writers.

Derek Neale

Dr. Neal moderated Start Writing Fiction, a free 8 week course offered through The Open University. We found it inspiring, challenging and informative to our continued growth as writers.

Hanson North

From his professional experience in the field of physiology, medicine and knowledge of disease, Dr. North critiques our work and stimulates our imaginations with his probing questions.

Jane Elmor, Shanta Everington, Jude Piesse, and Lucy Yates

What a team of facilitators. They coached us through the 8 week Open University course, answering individual questions and cheering us on. Each one is a writer in her own right.

Marie Brinch

With her archaeological involvement at the Museum Lolland-Falster, Marie thoughtfully responded to our long list of questions about family, food, clothing and other details of Bronze Age life in Denmark.

Marilyn and Hal Wittlinger

Much appreciated Beta Readers whose review helped us see our story elements from a different perspective.

Peter Vang Petersen

Shared his expertise with us on flint and its use in Bronze Age Denmark. In 2014 he published FLINT fra Danmarks oldtid - it is currently only printed in Danish, but the images alone are well worth the purchase by non Danish speaking readers.


Tim spent untold hours of creative construction, innovative thinking and collaborating to produce an entertaining Project Video of IZ.