Our heartfelt gratitude goes to the following people, institutions, and organizations for volunteering their time and expertise. Their contributions have wowed us, humbled us, and brought us many times back to the drawing board.

Adam Gwilt: Curator National Museum Wales

Led the author on a spendid tour of the Bronze and Iron Age Collections of the National Museum, Wales.

Alain Chenciner: Mathematics Department Paris University

Gave us hope with his delightful sense of humor and his astronomical insight, that Authair's orbit may be mathematically possible.

Alex Filippenko: Astronomy Department University at California, Berkeley

Offered his personal comments on Planet Authair's orbital position in relation to its suns, and recommended additional resources for us to consult.

Andrew Fraser

Demonstrated Armageddon on the Chess Board, set up a Linear A computer alphabet for our use and provided the Special Guest Voice-over as Pete in Chapter 4 of our audio book.

Anna Fraser: Air Traffic Controller

Provided a carefully detailed critique of Graviton 1 narrative involving the Air Traffic Controller of Aerocentrum Bay 1 Tower.

Barry Cooper

Remains a fan of our project as an avid reader patiently rereading and cirtiquing our many drafts.

Bonnie North

Provided her critical analysis of story events and posed thought provoking questions concerning the role of women on Planet Authair.


Provides us with continuing literary criticism and advice that spans the world of eBooks to that of animal behavior.

Chris Greenstock

Spent time answering two strangers' many questions about British life, then followed up with an infomative email to further educate us on the subject.

Claudia Whitehurst

Participated in the germination and research leading to the development of IZ~.


Sweeps us along the path of promotion videos, story element ideas, and web page design while advising us on business pitfalls.

Damian Evans: Archaeology Department, Bournemouth University, Bournemouth UK

Delighted us with a personal tour into the world of a dedicated archaeologist Demonstrator.

Dawn Fraser

Edits, rereads, supplies new ideas ,and critiques our audio drafts. Dawn performed as Special Guest Voice-over for Young Lass in Chapter 5 of our audio book.

Dimitri Tsatsaris: Mythos Tavern Kongens. Lyngby, Denmark

Inspired our vision for Aristotle's evening with Thorf in Chapter 4 by many evenings spent in conversation with him at his cozy restaurant in Denmark.

Donna Wolfe-Fiction Writer's Workshop, Mercer County Library Lawrenceville, New Jersey

Continues to inspire, guide, shove, and cajole us in our worlds of writing during her sessions of putting us on the spot with pen to paper. 

Esther Michaels 

Advised us on storyline , narrative detail and helped us to break a deadlock with her creative problem solving. 

George Repella: Teacher Emeritus Nativity B.V.M. High School Pottsville, Pennsylvania

Read early versions of Book 1 offering his well seasoned educator's perspective.

Hanson North: Professor Emeritus School of Medicine St. Matthews University Grand Cayman

Shared with us his understanding of alleles. He gave us a memorable audio performance of Mumba Zola in our short video of that character.

Howell Sweat

Engineered with the attitude, "Never done this, but I'll figure it out." He produced a successful voice file for the coed's narrative in Chapter 4 of our audio book.

Jacaranda Writer’s Group of Venice, Florida

Put us to the task of evaluating early drafts of our story. The members shared individual critiques of our work and their own entertaining manuscripts.

James Donald, Press and PR Manager, Bournemouth University, Bournemouth UK

Welcomed us enthusiastically to Bournemouth University and to the staff and students of its archaeology department.

Jeanette and Rodney Horner

Contributed historical research documents for our project. Rodney enthusiastically voiced Aristotle Maritimis while Jeanette provided sound effects in our short video of Professor Maritimis. 

Jesper Bartholdy

Encouraged our efforts with a generous loan of personal documents. He gave us expert advice on traveling throughout Crete and Santorini for our research in Greece.

Joan Repella

Critiqued early drafts of Iz~ with thoughtful and detailed comments.

John Alastick

Assists in research of the alien question and our search for artists. He critiques our audio drafts and appears as Special Guest Voice-over for a college student by the same name in Chapter 4 of our audio book.

John Fraser

Advised us in the  early stages of our project to useYouTube as a way of introducing our characters.

John J. Whitehurst

Assisted in identifying astronomical references and software products and provided instruction on how to use them.

Jonna and Borge Nielsen

Shared with us their knowledge of today's Greek society and critiqued our early drafts of Chapter 3.

Judy Hoffman

Advised us on character voice-over selections.  

Marilyn and Hal Wittlinger

Read our many drafts, always with a touch of humor that allowed us to see the story from a different perspective.

Peter Vang Petersen: Curator Danish National Museum Copenhagen

Hosted a private tour of the Stone Age and Bronze Age galleries of Copenhagen's National Museum and eagerly answered many questions pertaining to our research on Chapter 5 and beyond.

Peter Walker: Keeper & Mine Manager of Big Pit National Coal Museum Wales

Graciously gave of his time to answer our questions and to share his knowledge of the history of coal in Wales.

Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey

Granted permission to use Princeton University in the story.

Rich Hoffman

Provided his thoughts and resource suggestions for our development of space travel.

Robert Vanderbei: Astrophysics Department Princeton University

Reviewed Planet Authair's orbit and offered his interpretation of the possibility of such a planetary system.

Robin Michaels

Recommended a sensible path to authorship.

Rona Parry

Questioned details in early drafts leading us to a preferred story timeline.

Sheila Dennehy, Librarian, Hannibal, Missouri

Offers her critical eye and ear in reviewing drafts of IZ~.  

Sydney Olander

Delivered a spirited character portrayal of a Princeton coed with a genuine southern accent in the audio version of Chapter 4.

Sylvain Verdier

Enthusiastically portrayed, with his authentic French accent, a student attending Princeton University. This can be heard in the audio version of Chapter 4.

Tina Bartley Martin

Created the set-up and engineered the audio for the many takes of Aristotle Maritimis' audio production.

Tobias Grace: Editor Emeritus Out in Jersey Magazine

Gave us a kick in the pants and the jump start we needed.

Veljko Dmitrasinovic and Milovan Suvakov: Institute of Physics, Belgrade

Provided their " guess to a 'realistic' orbit..." of Authair's planetary movements.