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Authairians call themselves raptans, as Earthlings call themselves humans. The word has its basis in evolution. Millions of years ago, Authairians evolved from raptors such as the dromaeosaur. The following are examples of how forms of the word raptan are used: Ponce Heidon seeks to find a cure for the virus for the good of raptanity. Cimi Nuja is known to her fellow Authairians as a raptanitarian for her charitable service to education. The Ponce Heidon Institute was established to develop cures for diseases for the benefit of raptankind.“This small but mighty raptan”—she emphasized the word raptan—“will be able to flatten his body and slither near the bott undetected. You and I will distract the bott while Izzy jumps to its shoulder and replaces the chyp.” (49)