Dyzzleberry Dictionary ::

A furry, ball-shaped animal indigenous to both hemispheres of Planet Authair. It fits snugly inside the hand of an adult raptan but doesn’t like being there unless it receives soft scratches inside its thick fur. A rabbityle has no need for arms; it gives hugs with its long, furry ears. It keeps a lizard-like tail coiled up inside a rump-pouch exposing only the puffball of fur on its tip. If a predator appears, a rabbityle makes like a spinning ball; its tail uncoils and slings through the air, its ears stiffen into wings, and it flies to safety.

Although shaped like a ball of fur, a rabbityle doesn’t wobble when it’s sitting. Two thin legs folded underneath its body rest on sturdy four-toed feet. If a rabbityle likes you, it’ll pop up to standing by bending its legs backward like a heron and follow you around until you feed it veggies. If it really likes you, it’ll wrap its tail around your wrist or ankle and tap, tap, tap its puffball. Rabbityles come in shades of brown, white, black, blue, or a mottling of any combination. Don’t know, but she’s been having a run on rabbityles—deliveries every other work-cycle. Guess she’s testing a new vaccine. You’d think she’d involve me in the study…probably doesn’t want my opinion on using live animals for test subjects. (1)