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Planet Authair - Orbit

Authair’s orbit revolves around the center of gravity produced by a triple star system. The two primary stars controlling Authair’s orbit, each on opposite hemisphere’s of Planet Authair, are Olym on its southern hemisphere and Valym on its northern hemisphere. Proxi is the third and much more distant star. It is equally distant from both Olym and Valym creating the apex of an invisible triangle with the other two stars. The effect of Proxi on Authair’s orbit is slight but important for Authair’s stability. Authair’s orbit resembles an invisible Ferris wheel. Directly perpendicular from the hub of this invisible Ferris wheel, far into space, we see Olym on one side and Valym on the other side of the imaginary hub. Much farther out is space, directly in line with the imaginary turning rim of the Ferris wheel is the star Proxi.