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An advanced species of intelligent beings who evolved from reptiles on the fictional planet Authair in books written by DDWLEM. Authairians are hatched, not born. The Authairians, both male and female, generally look like Earthlings of 2000 CE. They have small ears and no hair on their bodies, although some may have eyebrows and lashes. Both males and females are bald, with a few exceptions like Cimi Nuja, who has a tuft of hair on the top of her head.

Male Authairians have a total of nine fingers—four on one hand and five on the other. Where the middle finger would be, on the four-fingered hand, there is a joint, which develops into a hinge that grows a claw-like weapon as the male matures.

The female Authairian has five fingers on each hand. Her arms are similar to those of Earthlings, except on the right arm, just below the wrist joint, a biopearl, hidden by a sheath of skin, develops as the female matures.

Authairians socialize much in the same way as present-day Earthlings. Valympyons vill hide nothing zat would be for zee benefit of all Authairians. (1)