Biography ::
Ponce Heidon

Culture and Time Period – Olympyon – 2400 CPC Authairian, (1600 BCE Earth)

Name – Ponce Heidon– Fictional character in IZ~ theizzystory by ddwlem

Address – Aqua Lane 111

City/Town - Olympya

Country - Olymopos

Planet - Authair

Postal Code - 151225131691

Affiliations – PHI, University of Olympya, SAGS ( Society for the Advancement of Genetic Science), AHCW (Authairian High Command for World Peace).

Biography – Ponce  was born into a middle class Olympyon family.  Both of his parents encouraged his interest in microbiology.  As a small boy he had an insatiable curiosity about the micro world of living things.  He had his own laboratory behind his parents’ house.  His uncle gave him a state-of –art electron microscope.  He made good friends with Kurl Tszargon and the two young lads would spend hours together picking up animals accidentally killed by uncontrolled SISSCs and preserving them for study under the microscope.  He attended the University of Olympya, graduated early and was hired to work under a prominent geneticist.  Because of his achievements in genetic research, when the ABMR-Virus broke out, the Authairian Government awarded Ponce a grant to build his own genetics laboratory and choose his staff to develop a vaccine to cure this deadly plague

Awards – Alfred Wei-Authair Prize for Achievement in Biology, University of Olympya Outstanding Research Award, Authairian High Command for World Peace Medal of Achievement. Five times recipient of APA award, the Authairian President's Award presented annually to a citizen of Authair who has developed a process, product, or plan that has proven beneficial to mankind.

Gender - Male

Personal Information – Age 5.17 Proxy Cycles (62 Earth years).  Kindly  gentleman, serious scientist, good listener, honest

Personal Interests – he is consumed by efforts to cure the ABMR-Virus so reads cloudsource scientific journals constantly to learn the latest developments in virology.

Phone – Dyzzleberry Communicator PHI-101