Biography ::
Phed (legally) Skdjlsjflsjf Ilkjkld

Culture and Time Period – Olympyon – 2400 CPC (Current Proxy Cycle) Authairian  (1600 BCE Earth)

Name – Phedlegally known as Skdjlsjflsif Ilkjkld – Fictional character in IZ~ theizzystory by ddwlem

Address – Aqua Lane 777

City/Town - Olympya

Country - Olymopos

Planet - Authair

Postal Code – 151225131691

Affiliations – Ponce Heidon Institute of Genetic Research (PHI), University of Olympya

Biography – Phed, Skdjlsjflsif Ilkjkld was found in a shell at the entrance to the only orphanage in Olympya. There he grew, loved and nurtured. The orphanage employees encouraged his interest in biochemistry and genetics and enrolled him in The Holographic Learning Institute from which he graduated at the top of his class.  His exceptional talent for detail was recognized by Dorf Tzeus who hired him as a PhD Intern at the Ponce Heidon Institute. Phed worked hard and became skilled in documenting scientific experiments and assisting in break through research.  Very shy, he kept his hobby of test piloting anything he could fly, drive, or paddle a secret from his colleagues at PHI, until he realized he could use it to save a life.

Awards – Authairian Biochemical Society Conference Award for Exceptional Poster

Gender - Male

Personal Information –Age 1.67 Proxy Cycles (20 Earth years) Introverted, thin and small in stature. Being self-conscious about his real name and spindly body, he prefers one on one activities, or is happy challenging himself to the next level of whatever his brain is mastering.

Personal Interests – Speeding through the air, water, or on land in anything available is Phed’s favorite past time. He’s good at chess ,‘Hide and Secret,’ ‘Age of Castles,’ and reads voraciously.

 Phone – Dyzzleberry Communicator PHI-108