Biography ::
Izzy Tzeus

Culture and Time Period – Olympyon – 2400 CPC) (Current Proxy Cycle Authairian  (1600 BCE Earth)

Name – Izzy Tzeus – Fictional Character of IZ~ theizzystory by ddwlem

Address – Ponce Heidon Institute, Genetics Laboratory (PHI)

City/Town –Olympya

Country – Olymopos

Planet - Authair

Postal Code - 151225131691

Affiliations – Cloud Chess Master’s Club, PHI

Awards – Broccoli Tuna Wafers , Opportunity to Play Chess with Kurl Tszargon

Biography-  Izzy was created by accident in the Ponce Heidon Institute, PHI, on Planet Authair.  He developed into a living specimen that had never before been known.  He was identified as a cross between a domestic cat and an Iguana.  His unexpected rapid growth and intellectual capability play a pivotal role in the achievement of the ABMR-Virus team’s efforts to develop a vaccine to save the lives of all Authairians.  He has a sensitivity to needing affection, and a devoted loyalty to his ‘family’ at PHI.

Gender - Male

Personal Information –Age 0.025 Proxy Cycles (110 days Earth time).  Extremely intelligent, telepathic, multi-lingual, loveable, sensitive, but terrifying when angry.  Izzy has the power to make a sound that can freeze muscles, cause extreme pain, bring about terrifying memories and paralyze victims.  He reserves this power for times when his or his team’s life is in danger.

Personal Interests – Izzy reads everything from cloudsourceincluding: science, language, history, philosophy, economics, technology, cartoons, chess strategies, and Cookbooks.  He likes helping people, chess, and swinging on Cimi Nuja’s hoop earrings.  He loves playing hidden object games on his customized Dyzzleberry Communicator (DC).  His favorites are  ‘Hide and Secret’  and ‘Lucky Clover’.

Phone – Dyzzleberry PHI-109