Biography ::
Illiachus Wynter

Culture and Time Period – Earthling, Clan Storoch- 1600 BCE

Name – Illiachus Wynter - – Fictional Character of IZ~ theizzystory by ddwlem

Address- – Storoch Clan

City/Town – Storoch Clan

Country – What today is known as South Wales, United Kingdom

Planet - Earth

Postal Code – None

Affiliations –  Clan of Storoch

Biography – Illiachus grew up in a poor primitive village in a land of what is now the part of Great Britain we call Wales. He was a bright lad who was taught to fish by his mother. For his clan he built the first sailing vessel to fish the deep waters. As a young man he improved the economy of his people by trading coal for gold with The Living Creatures that had suddenly appeared to him descending from the sky. He became known by his clansmen as Master Sailor of Clan Storoch. After a catastrophe, he found a precious treasure and created the Clan Storoch tradition of storytalk about the treasure. He lovingly passed on his knowledge about the night sky and his story to his granddaughter, Carys.

Awards – Master Sailor of Clan Storoch, Received the first Storoch Award for the Utilization of Black Rock that Burns

Gender - Male

Personal Information –Age 62 Earth years. Kindly old man, has limp, always cheerful, full of humor and wisdom

Personal Interests – fishing, ship building, and trade, storytalk

Phone – NA