Biography ::
Geoffrey Devans

Culture and Time Period  Earthling – 2000 CE

Name – Geoffrey Devans – Fictional Character in IZ~ theizzystory by ddwlem

Address –  28 Sandecotes Rd,          

City/Town -  Parkstone, Poole          

Postal Code – BH14

Country - UK


Affiliations – Bournemouth University, National Museum Cardiff, Council of British Archaeology

Biography – Geoffrey was born in Blaenavon, Wales.  From the time he was old enough to catch lumps of coal in a pan, he worked alongside his father deep in the earth of the Big Pit Coal Mine.  It was Geoffrey’s job to sort out the spoils before pouring the contents into a tub.  One day Geoffrey noticed some strange patterns in the coal.  His father eagerly explained to his curious firstborn the little he knew of fossilization. Geoffrey examined the spoils ever more closely.  He found “bones” from ancient creatures.  He’d stuff his shirt with the mysterious lumps to secret them out of the mine. Geoffrey amazed his parents with his photographic memory and uncanny ability to understand on what part of the body a bone belonged.  They were determined not to let their bright son follow in the family tradition of coal mining.  His father took on double shifts in the mine and his mother scrubbed floors for the despised mine owner. He graduated early from high school and received a full college scholarship.  His fascination with coal led to his PhD thesis at  University of Wales Trinity Saint David where his research described the mining and use of coal in Bronze Age Wales. This work gave Geoffrey esteemed recognition and led to his present position as Professor of Archaeology at Bournemouth University in the UK.

Awards – Best Archaeological Project and Best Archaeological Discovery Award and Best Archaeological Innovation Award by the British Council for Archaeology and many others.

Gender - Male

Personal Information – Age 44 Earth yearsmedium height,photographic memory, dedicated to his work,


Personal Interest- .History of coal mining and use in Bronze Age Wales, Archaeology Magazine, Biking

Phone – 011-44- (1202) 234567