Biography ::

Culture & Time Period Earthling, Greek, year 2000 CE

Name – Dee – Fictional Character of IZ~ theizzystory by ddwlem

Address- Merivale House , The Green

City/Town – Laverstock

Country  - UK

Planet - Earth

Postal Code – SP1 1QS

Affiliations – Bornemouth University,  AABU (Archaeology Assistants in Field Work for Bornemouth University

Biography –Dee was born in Santorini Greece to middle class family.  Her mother is an artist and her father is the curator of the Santorini Museum of Antiquities.  Her grandfather is Aristotle Maritimis.  She is studying archaeology in Bournemouth, UK because she  wants to understand more about the development of the human race.

Awards – Outstanding Science Exhibit of Ancient Societies, Astronomy Student of the Year

Personal Information – Age 19 Earth years.  Athletic, curious, enthusiastic, very bright, close family ties. short, medium build, cute, short black hair, dark brown eyes, dimpled cheeks.

Personal Interests – visiting archeology sites and museums, likes to read works of Thor Heyerdahl.

Phone – NA