Biography ::
Ursula von Menglebort

Culture and Time Period – Valympyon – 2400 CPC Authairian  (1600 BCE Earth)

Name – Ursula von Menglebort – Fictional character in IZ~ theizzystory by ddwlem

Address – Pond 987

City/Town – Vesuvius Village

Country - Valympya

Planet -Authair

Postal Code - NA

Affiliations – Mumba Zola Empirical Scientific Society, Authairian Society of Virology, International Union of Microbiological Societies, University of Villinois

Biography – Ursula’s parents did not enjoy parenting. Her father was an alcoholic and when he wasn’t too drunk he sold used SISSCs. Her mother would go on long trips with companions leaving Ursula alone to follow the von Menglebort Instruction Guide. It contained rules of life handed down through generations. None of which either parent observed. Ursula became obsessed with blood. She studied its properties and analyzed blood types of humans and animals looking for anomalies. Her academic prowess was recognized by the Royal Society of Valympyon Excellence and she was selected to live and attain her education at the infamous Vesuvius Village. There she gained expertise in microbial virology. With this knowledge, Ursula developed procedures for creating DNA mutations through viral agents. Because of her talent, she was inducted into the elite ranks of Mumba Zola’s Empirical Scientific Society. She continues research on genetic mutations.

Awards – Droplet Award, Fellow of Mumba Zola’s Empirical Scientific Society

Gender - Female

Personal Information – Age 3.0 Proxy Cycles (36 Earth years). Ursula is tall, thin, bronze skinned, deep set piercing black eyes, constant scowl on her face, loves to curse

Personal Interests – Ursula is interested in the genetic origins of disease, she likes reading cloudsource journals on genetics, papers on plagues, and articles that discuss the relationships between DNA and mutations.

Email –

Phone – Dyzzleberry Communicator VVI-119