Biography ::
Mumba Zola

Culture and Time Period – Valympyon – Authairian 2400 CPC (Current Proxy Cycle) which is 1600 BCE Earth.

Name – Mumba Zola – Fictional character in IZ~ theizzystory by ddwlem

Address – Presidential Palace

City/Town - Valhalapos

Country - Valympya

Planet - Authair

Postal Code - 2211225131691

Affiliations – Mumba Zola Empire, Mumba Zola’s Empirical  Scientific Society

Biography – 

Mumba Zola is a Valympyon from Planet Authair and one of The Bad. He was raised by his mother who was a diviner.  Having a photographic memory, he performed well in school. Mumba did not socialize easily, so he joined the Valympyon Army at an early age. He rose through the ranks because of his intellect, discipline, and brutality. He became wealthy by smuggling jewels, coffee, and ivory into Valympya. He siphoned much of the loot for himself. In the civil war between Olympya and Valympya Mumba led a Coup d'état and murdered the incumbent and much beloved King Vasistdas. Mumba declared himself Excellency President for Life Lord of the all the Beasts of the Land and Fishes of the Sea and Conqueror of All Valympya.

Awards – Soldier of the Year, Excellency President for Life Lord of all the Beasts of the Land and Fishes of the Sea and Conqueror of All of Valympya (this was the title he gave himself after conquering the throne), Light Heavyweight Boxing Champion.

Gender - Male

Personal Information – Age 4.25 Proxy Cycles (51 Earth years).  Exceedingly cruel, overweight, domineering uses his photographic memory to trick his subjects into believing he deserves his self-imposed title. Mumba suffers from indigestion and burps frequently with loud explosive eruptions giving no apology.

Personal Interests – Eating hearts and subjugating all around him, in private he listens to his conscripted servant, Jeeves, reading to him from the Authairian classic ‘ Famous Coups in History,’ and from the ‘ Journal on Torture Techniques,

Phone – Dyzzleberry Communicator MZP-999