Character :: Leachim Ztulk

"I can't shoot and pilot a sissc at the same time while General Gore is yelling his head off at me. Sorry!" 

When Leachim was in his first termer (about 8 years Earth age) his mother, Mumba Zola’s sister, was killed in the Authairian Civil War fighting on the Valympyon side. She lost control of the armored transporter she was piloting and crashed into a cliff. His father had abandoned his mother when Leachim was an infant so he became an orphan. His uncle, Mumba Zola, placed his nephew, Leachim, in the hands of his one female adviser, who was not interested in supervising the little boy's care. Feeling abandoned, Leachim developed attachment disorder.  Now he exhibits low self-esteem and distrusts everyone. He refuses to allow the orthodontists to straighten his teeth.  He much prefers looking odd than trusting anyone to change his appearance. He tries to keep a low profile and stay out of trouble; but he's easily distracted, so many of his assignments have unexpected consequences.