Character :: Jeeves

"I'm sorry your Excellency, I didn't know you prefered blood beer to tea."

Jeeves was raised in an upper middle class family in Valympya.  He came from a long line of Bouteilliers (Butlers) who served the King Vasistdas' family before they were killed in a coup d’état led by Mumba Zola. Jeeves was considered too valuable to be slain, so he was conscripted into the service of His Excellency, Mumba Zola.  Jeeves was given the title, His Excellency’s Manservant, quite a comedown from his highly respected title of Butler to the King.  Jeeves took his plight as he had been highly trained in the Authairian International Butler Academy and served his master with motivation, outward devotion, dedication and energy.  The one thing that Jeeves was not able to put into this servile job, was the passion for his responsibilities that he had displayed under Good King Vasistdas.