Character :: Gore Andriol

"Your Excellency President For Life Lord of All the Beasts of the Land and Fishes of the Sea and Conqueror of All Valympya, we are prepared for the attack!"

General Gore Andriol through cunning, bribery and loyalty to his president became General of Mumba Zola's Army. He's loud, bossy, and emotionally fragile; capable of violence and responsible for many innocent deaths. The general is never seen without his military uniform which conceals his only childhood cuddly toy, Buster, a stuffed and now frayed baby *rabbityle. 

 * The authors have revised Gore Andriol's stuffed toy's identity to that of a rabbityle. Please note in Gore's video Sandy and Duayne describe his stuffed animal as a Teddy Bear. That information is from a draft that has been revised. They've decided Gore's toy should represent an animal indigenous to Planet Authair, thus, Buster, the rabbityle.